A Touch-Screen Kiosk for Charge-It Spot

Walnut Creek, CA- When Philadelphia-based client, Charge It Spot enlisted AG Design Group to develop the User Interface (UI) for their product’s app, AGD was delighted. However, when Charge It Spot asked them to develop the face and functionality of their touch-screen kiosk, AGD was ecstatic.

Charge-It Spot is a company that provides free and secure phone charging stations in retail settings across the nation. Simply plug your phone in, lock the box, and feel free to shop.  To make finding a charging location easy, Charge It Spot looked to AGD for support.

AGD worked with Charge-It Spot to design a mobile app that would easily direct people to the nearest charging station. Charge-It Spot executives were so pleased; they enlisted AGD to design their new kiosks.

In an effort to modernize Charge-It Spot’s charging kiosks, developing a touch screen seemed natural. Previously, charging stations consisted of boxes that were secured with a lock and key. A touch screen that provids users with instructions and a security code are the basis for AGD’s intuitive design structure. Users enter their phone number, which serve as a security code, and an available charging dock is revealed. Plug in, lock, and relax. To retrieve your phone, type in your security code, and the charging dock will release your device.

“We were delighted to work with Charge-It Spot to update their kiosks. We have developed concepts and designs for a variety media, but this was our first touch-screen kiosk. I feel this illustrates our range,” explains Arlene Santos, CEO and Creative Director of AG Design Group.

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