New Logo for Yoder Wealth Managment

Walnut Creek, CA-  AG Design Group, an East Bay marketing and communications firm,  has deep roots developing and perfecting company branding. Though they have been busy developing mobile apps and websites as of late, branding and logo development are near and dear to their heart.

Yoder Wealth Management is a Walnut Creek based financial firm. Looking to set themselves apart from their competitors, Yoder Wealth Management enlisted AG Design Group’s help.

“Typically branding for the finance industry is pretty straight-forward: Bold, dark colors and very traditional fonts. We wanted Yoder to stand out, yet still retain a classic look,” notes Arlene Santos, founder and Creative director of AG Design Group.

Yoder Wealth Management’s new logo demonstrates movement, as if navigating through a cross-roads. The colors are distinct yet a bit restrained. The emblem demonstrates skill and expertise.

To see more of AGD’s projects and designs, visit www.agdesigngroup.net/projects.