Just Launched: New Website for Hacienda Business Park

Pleasanton, CA – AG Design Group is proud to unveil one of its latest projects; a new website for Pleasanton-based business park, Hacienda. Hacienda is the largest business park in Northern California. It is home to over 550 companies, which employ over 18,000 people. Its’ prominent arches are a well-known landmark in the area. Recently, AG Design Group, in conjunction with Denali Data Systems, had the pleasure of designing a new website for this business park giant.

“We were very excited for the opportunity to work with Hacienda. They are a very well-known institution in the Bay Area,” says Arlene Santos, CEO and Creative Director of AG Design. “ In developing the design, AGD capitalized on Hacienda’s iconic architecture. “Hacienda’s structural design is what makes them stand out,” notes Santos. “Turning their unique features into a design element solidifies Hacienda’s distinctiveness.”

Hacienda’s previous site was fairly simple and did not properly serve their users needs. The new website boasts a robust tool bar that helps users locate available space (commercial or residential), locate businesses, network, and details their upcoming events and news. One of the website’s more modern additions is its built-in responsiveness. Regardless of a users screen size or what device they are browsing on, the website will automatically scale to fit. “Our goal was to create a site that served as to tool for both Hacienda and their users.” explains Santos.

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