An SEO Tid Bit

Did you know that page loading time affects your Search Engine Ranking?

If it’s not hard enough to achieve good SEO ranking, Google has added another element to the equation. Last Spring, Goggle announced that page speed, or how quickly your web page loads, plays a role in web search ranking. Although at this point it doesn’t affect your SEO ranking too much, don’t be surprised if this criteria becomes more important in the near future. With so many web surfers looking for quick answers, web pages that have painstaking load times, may find themselves sinking lower and lower in the Google ranking.

So what does this mean? Older sites that were coded using out-dated practices (like slices of background images) or some WordPress sites with slow load times will need to be recoded. Remember sites should have a shelf life of about 4-5 years before needing to update — not just the look or design, but in most cases, the programming and underlying code base.