AG Design Group Enjoys a New Look

Prominent Bay Area design firm, AG Design Group Inc., undergoes a sharp re-brand. AG Design Group is known for developing smart brands, innovative designs and effective marketing strategies. Their specialty is branding and identity development. This time around, AGD is the one undergoing the re-brand and enjoying a full facelift.

The decision to re-brand is not an easy one. Every visual facet of the company must go through an over haul. “I mulled it over for quite sometime,” explains AGD CEO and creative director, Arlene Santos. “I felt that AGD’s core service and client base was evolving and our branding needed to reflect that.” AGD’s emerging role in developing mobile application User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) was a large contributor.

Though the style and feel of the brand has not changed significantly, the new colors are bolder and give the company a youthful, edgy look. “As our company grows, so does our project scope. I wanted our new look to illustrates more range,” explains Santos.

The vibrant new look is accompanied by a re-designed website. Recently launched, the new website boasts a robust project library, sleek visual elements, and modern functionality. “It has been a work in progress and at times a labor of love,” explains Santos. “I hope our new site demonstrates to potential clients and BD partners our extensive range in projects, scopes and sizes—and builds our company’s thought leadership in our industry. We plan to continually refine our site and add key articles to help companies navigate this sometimes confusing and overwhelming design industry landscape.”

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